Guys and gals alike: do you ever find yourself scrambling to get ready for a special occasion with your sweetheart? Whether it’s a quick dinner and a movie or a night of dancing, we have a few ideas to help make the transition from day hair to a dynamic date night look.

Get the Right Products

Using top-of-the-line hair products can transition your hair from a daytime to a nighttime look, making a big impact on your look with minimal effort. Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair can add volume to any length of hair. Looking for more texture? Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray can help your follicles work all the angles. Longer hair? Add a little elegance with Oribe Swept Up Powder. Shorter do? Use Onesta Whipped Wax for definition and hold.

Use the Right Tools

Having a selection of styling tools and bookmarking some how-tos can be huge timesavers when you’re getting ready to go out. Good quality hair dryers, straighteners, brushes, and combs make a huge difference. If you’ve picked up a product from one of the fantastic lines we offer here at Salon Velluto, most of them have helpful instructional videos for all hair types. Starting with a strong foundation will make an impact on your hair’s ability to hold style as well, making Olaplex’s restorative line an excellent way to treat your hair so it looks its finest.

Visit Our Team for Style Support

If you want to go a few steps further, a visit to our helpful team members at Salon Velluto will have you feeling magnificent. Nothing makes men and women feel more wonderful than a fresh haircut. We also offer hair styling options like straightening, curling, and more. Another fantastic idea? Cap off a wonderful celebration with a Salon Velluto gift certificate for your darling. 

The team at Salon Velluto wants every date night you enjoy with your partner to be a memorable one. Our stylists can help you find the right products for your hair and offer a range of services to help you look your best. Call us at (303) 537-4011 to get advice or book an appointment.