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Whether you are new to hair extensions or are just looking for a trustworthy hair extension salon in Denver, our team at Salon Velluto is happy to help. We proudly sit among the best Denver hair extension salons and our team is dedicated to making you look and feel your best. 

Types of Hair Extensions in Denver

Our experts at Salon Velluto will be happy to guide you among the different hair extension products we offer. 

  • Hand Tied extensions

  • Tape-in extensions

  • Natural hair extensions


Depending on your hair goals and hair type, we may recommend one type or the other. 

Tie-in hair extensions add more hair volume and length that looks natural without putting too much tension on the scalp or hair. The process usually takes approximately 2 hours to 2.5 hours and is performed by our expert hair stylists. The extension strand is attached at the base of your roots using beads to secure them in place to create a seamless blend of extension hair that matches the hair color of your natural hair. Hand-tied extensions or tie-in extensions are the least damaging solution for our Denver clients with fragile or damaged hair. There is no need for chemicals, heat, or extra pressure during installation.

Tape-in extensions use a tape that our professional hairdresser will secure with the heat on either side of your own hair. The tape relies on a type of glue that acts as an adhesive. It takes approximately 40 to 60 minutes to attach. We do not recommend this process for our clients with already damaged or weakened hair. The removal process will require chemical products, such as a specialist glue remover.

Best Hair Extensions Denver

Hand-tied hair extensions are best for people with straight to wavy hair because the beads lay flat against the scalp, and detangling can be done just below the beads, closer to the roots. The extensions themselves should last between 6 and 9 weeks before needing them redone. With proper care and follow-up appointments, however, the hair extensions should last longer and can generally be reused for about six to eight months.


Tape-ins are best suited to semi-permanent hairstyles, as they tend to last 4 to 8 weeks between each application. 

How long you can keep your hair extensions in will depend on a variety of factors:

  • Proper care for your hair extensions

  • Hair Growth

  • How healthy your natural hair is

Hair Extension Maintenance

Unsure about how to care for your extensions? Our knowledgeable hair extensions team at Salon Velluto is here to help and provide guidance. We also recommend scheduling proper maintenance appointments with a stylist to reduce tension on the scalp.


You can treat hair extensions with the same care and attention as you would your own hair. 


As a rule of thumb, you want to wash your tie-in hair extensions to maintain the shine and texture as you would wash your normal hair. If you tend to use hair products, you will need to wash extensions more frequently to prevent buildup. Make sure to wash with shampoo and conditioner. 


We recommend using specialist shampoo and conditioner for tape-in hair extensions to prevent sliding. Harsh or oily products could affect the glue. Feel free to reach out to our in-house expert to find out more. 

Get Your New Natural Hair Extensions Now

Are you ready to try out a new hairstyle and add a little humph to your mane? Salon Velluto’s team is here to advise and help you choose the best option. 

Our stylists also provide hair extensions for special occasion styles and bridal events. Book your appointment today for a hair extensions consultation in Denver. 


What Our Clients Say

"Stellar service and a warm, welcoming atmosphere make this salon an amazing gem in downtown Denver! Every experience from the second you walk in the door is top notch. Getting hair done shouldn't be a chore, it should be a pleasure; to that end, Salon Velluto exceeds all expectations and provides a complete VIP experience!"

"Rachel Hubbard at salon Velluto is amazing!! She is fabulous with color and she really knows her stuff. She also taught me how to wash my hair and gave me color to take home so I wouldn’t have to come back as often as I do. I will never go to another person to get a cut and color!! The salon is also very hip and fun and the people working there are great!! Highly recommend salon Velluto!"

"Eric did a great job of giving me a new updated hair style that is easy to maintain while giving me a more professional look. I would recommend Salon Velluto to anyone, the staff was friendly and accommodating."

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