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Professional hair coloring can transform your appearance quickly and effortlessly, making your hair look and feel beautiful. With modern techniques, a master stylist can change your hair color to any shade you desire, while keeping your hair healthy and revitalized.

Salon Velluto is a full-service salon offering a variety of hairstyling services such as haircuts and styling, hair coloring, hair extensions, and hair treatments. A long-time Denver area favorite, you can trust the professionals at Salon Velluto for all your hair care needs.

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Hair Coloring Services

There are several different types of hair color services available, depending on your hair goals, your preferences, and your specific hair type, including damaged, straight, wavy or naturally curly hair. Determining which type of new color will work best with your texture stylists should specialize in hair dye and highlight services.

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Permanent Hair Color

Permanent dyeing works by penetrating the hair cuticle (the outer sheath of each hair strand) and bonding with the hair beneath. Even after shampooing, the hair will remain the same color. 

When opting for permanent dyes, it is best to consult a professional hairstylist because artificial dyes interact with hair’s natural pigment to yield the final color, and a specialist will consider the natural color before application. Permanent color can also leave hair dry and brittle, so a trained professional can recommend hair conditioning treatments that can prevent excess damage. 

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Demi-Permanent Hair Color

Highlighting is the process of dyeing pieces of hair lighter than your natural color. This single-process color not only brings life to your hair, but can improve your overall appearance by accentuating eye color, bringing out cheek bones, and even sliming your face. Highlights can also accent the lines of your hair cut, providing an illusion of depth and fullness. 

Balayage is a process of highlighting that does not require foiling and is performed “free-hand” by a professional stylist.

Highlights and Balayage

Demi-permanent hair products use oxidative dyes which contain smaller amounts of peroxide or ammonia, providing a gentler option for hair color. Demi-permanent hair color typically washes out after 20 to 25 shampoos or around three months after treatment.

Corrective Hair Coloring

Color correction is a professional service designed to correct damaged hair from DIY or professional hair coloring that has gone wrong. It can address mild issues, such as incorrect hair tones, as well as more severe issues, such as hair loss as a result of prolonged contact with harsh chemicals. 

Hair coloring can go wrong for several reasons. Hair may be more porous than average, leading it to absorb more color than estimated by the packet. Hair salons with inexperienced stylists may also fail to recognize existing damage to your hair when applying new dyes, failing to prepare it adequately beforehand. 

Corrective hair coloring is a delicate service and may require several visits to the hair salon to achieve the desired results. It can fix botched home hair color disasters, lighten or darken your existing tone, return your hair to its natural color and restore your hair’s health. It can also shift the existing tone subtly and remove unwanted hues. 

Please note that it is not always possible to determine the number of hair salon visits you will require for corrective coloring until we start the process. It will depend on the condition of your existing hair and how it reacts to treatment. Ultimately, it may take several sessions for professional corrective coloring to yield favorable results.

Why Get Professional Hair Coloring in Denver, CO?

There are many reasons why professional hair coloring is superior to coloring your own hair using off-the-shelf products.

More Consistent Results

Off-the-shelf hair coloring products often produce different results depending on the person using them. The color represented on the packet may not be the color that you get. Natural pigment, underlying skin tone, and medications may all affect the final color of the hair. 

A professional hair coloring salon will take these factors into consideration, and choose a fresh color that will produce the color you want. Even if you just want to follow the latest trends, with an experienced stylist at Salon Velluto you can rest assured that you’re getting the best treatment for a full, and healthy body of hair.

Hair Salon Experience

Professional hair stylists have extensive training and experience in hair coloring, making them experts in their field. They understand concepts such as porosity, elasticity, and density which inexperienced hair salons may lack.

Improved Coverage

Professionals can see the back of the head while people applying their own hair dye may not. They can also clearly see the hairline around the scalp and where roots are most visible. Having a better vantage point improves coverage, yielding superior results.

Quality Advice

Professional hair coloring in Denver can also guide you on the right shades for your complexion, skin tone, and desired look. High-quality advice makes it easier to select the right product and achieve the desired tone, compared to guessing in-store, based on images on product packaging. 

Lower Active Chemical Concentrations

Professional hair color products tend to contain significantly less ammonia than their off-the-shelf counterparts. Stylists can adjust the concentration of active dying chemicals in color treatments to your hair’s needs. This way, you can minimize damage while maximizing results, and get a service tailored to you. 

Correct Color Placement

Being selective in where you place color is difficult when using DIY at-home hair coloring kits. By contrast, professionals can place color precisely where you need it because they have a better view of your hair. 

Avoid The Need For Corrective Hair Coloring

Hair coloring can often go wrong. In some cases, it can result in the wrong shade while, in others, hair can wind up breaking off in clumps because it came into contact with chemicals for too long. 

Professional hair coloring stylists reduce the need for corrective hair procedures, allowing you to get the results you want the first time around.

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Hair Services Denver Colorado

Salon Velluto provides superior, professional hair coloring in Denver and its surrounding areas. Our expert stylists will provide clients with the haircut, style, and color they desire from healthy, vibrant hair. We offer a wide array of tones, both natural and synthetic, to help you get the look that you want. 

If a previous hair coloring experience didn’t go as planned, you can also visit us for professional color correction. We evaluate your hair’s current condition and then develop a strategy for fixing it, a process that may require several sessions. 

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"Stellar service and a warm, welcoming atmosphere make this salon an amazing gem in downtown Denver! Every experience from the second you walk in the door is top notch. Getting hair done shouldn't be a chore, it should be a pleasure; to that end, Salon Velluto exceeds all expectations and provides a complete VIP experience!"

"Rachel Hubbard at salon Velluto is amazing!! She is fabulous with color and she really knows her stuff. She also taught me how to wash my hair and gave me color to take home so I wouldn’t have to come back as often as I do. I will never go to another person to get a cut and color!! The salon is also very hip and fun and the people working there are great!! Highly recommend salon Velluto!"

"Eric did a great job of giving me a new updated hair style that is easy to maintain while giving me a more professional look. I would recommend Salon Velluto to anyone, the staff was friendly and accommodating."

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